I have to admit that I too judged a 22 year old girl who fell in love with the President of the United States. I think we all need to realize that each one of us has had a moment of wrong choices. Some of us have kept them in secret. But what if you had people who did to you what was done to Monica Lewinski. Would life even be worth living? 

We want forgiveness for believing our mistakes yet we are not able to give it to another human being? Instead we attack... humiliate... seek to destroy and judge. Monica presents an intelligent and well spoken presentation exposing those who are Cyber Bullies and bring a form of Harassment that can make a person want to stop living.

 I understand this as I chose to volunteer my professional services for a business man who was presented as having integrity and a true humanitarian, only to have him vanish with like a coward leaving myself and others behind to deal with his mismanaging his company and others assets. 

I never thought that myself our board of directors and even my husband who had no clue...  would then suffer unjust harassment and distortion by the local media who did not check their sources let alone their accuracy as they gathered information from known a Cyber Stalker who was banned in 3 states himself for Securities Fraud. 

Along with an over zealous group of young attorneys who were assisting getting free media for a pending Political Campaign in our State. In the end all they all wanted was money. Money for the media in clicks and traffic and money in a settlement for the loss of legal fees wasted. But yet not one person who actually communicated with myself filed a complaint in the whole world. Only less than a handful who did not have any communications with myself or our Ministry filed and were declined as they had no connection to us. 

These individuals are Cyber Rapist as they grab on to fragmented pieces of information and form them into a sensational story to destroy an entire lifetime of good work of another human being online making themselves judge and jury. Yet they hide behind fake identities, threats and intimidation. 

They incite fear... hatred and manipulation and even death. Yes.. they are Online "Murderers" who are bent on destroying someone for their own financial gain as they are paid for clicks and traffic to their websites. They should be held accountable and responsible for their own lack of compassion... integrity and for just being a decent human being but even more so for the wake of damage they leave on the internet. 

Listen and hear Monica Lewinski and her message. I applaud her courage and her quest for the act of Online and Social thrashing... and Reputation Rape to be an accountable act. The thing that amazes me is that the man whom she had her love affair with at 22yrs of age... walked away without damage as if nothing happened. 
Monica Lewinski