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The Great American Cook Off
Successful Women working from Home
Rachael Ray brought the us the 30 Minute Meal​ from Home

Rachael Ray is now also famous for her quality, vibrant Gradient Orange Heavy Gauge Non Stick Cookware Collection. 

Rachael Ray is a "work at home" gal whose 30 minute dinners and sassy attitude has made her a "brand". 

She is loved by young and old and offers high quality and value cookware in a set of 15 pieces and in a variety of colors. 

Rachael Ray is a "we" gal whose 30 minute dinners and sassy attitude has made her a "brand". She is loved by young and old.
Paula Deen  cooks at Home on TV ​

Paula Dean is an icon for "down home" Southern Cooking. Her TV Show, cookbooks and her fabulous cor her cookware has made her name a household word. 2013 was a year of challenges and learning for Paula. We still love her and honor her success as a woman "working from home"!

Paula Deen Cookware is a fabulous work of art. The Signature collection features a speckled effect that works in a country home and in a modern kitchen as well. A variety of beautiful colors are available. You can find sets of 15 pieces below...

 - Amazing appetite support
 - Great Tasting
 - Consumable for any age
 - High biological value   protein  
   for immune and glutathione  
 - High nutrient density to   
   low calorie ratio
 - Perfect for Post workout

The WAVProtein Bar is an amazingly healthy snack, but don’t tell your kids! 

This bar tastes as good as a candy bar – moist, chewy, sweet, smooth oat and coconut white chocolate flavor. 

Somewhere and somehow in all this delicious richness you can still taste nature!

Made with organic and GMO-Free ingredients there are no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives in the WAVProtein Bar! 

This high fiber WAVProtein bar with low glycemic index, comes with only 224 calories serving as a wholesome snack anytime in the day for all walks of life; from children, adults and seniors.

- All Natural
- Improves Mental Performance
- Helps Improve Stamina and  
  Physical Performance
- Feeling of Alertness
- B-Vitamins; Key Amino Acids
- Serves as Pre-Workout   

WĀVFOCUS delivers a natural caffeine dose derived from Green Tea Extract combined with L-Theanine that promotes a calming effect for a sustained flow of positive energy.

This natural energy matrix offers B vitamins to help naturally metabolize carbohydrates as energy sources. It also supplies a healthy dose of B12 to support healthy synaptic activity in the brain.

WĀVFOCUS also delivers a payload of key amino acids like taurine to support insulin, brain and cardiovascular activity; tyrosine to support resilience to stress and improve performance while under stress

Use WĀVFOCUS as part of the pre-workout as a pre-run, or pre-walk strategy. Take WĀVFOCUS to get you over that afternoon slump, and you'll find the focus and vigor you need to get you through your busy day.
Having it All Working from Home 

Work at Home Mom, Nanci Jo Frazer, is a “roll up your sleeves girl” who learned from many great mentors, and has climbed to levels of achievement that allowed her to serve as a Corporate CEO, COO, VP of Marketing & as as a Senior Project Management Specialist. 

A few years ago she made a big decision to sell her Studio building and work from a home office. This allows her to enjoy being a wife, mother and a global business woman using her laptop,her phone and online tools. 

She now teaches thousands as a Professional Home Based Business Developer how to "leverage" their time and bring in the income they desire. She shares that it is important to provide the right business opportunity as well but... finding that right business is not always easy. 
Nanci will invest her own funds to privately test companies websites, products and compensation systems for months before sharing an evaluation.  

She was excited to learn that the Home Shopping Network has ended their contract with their top selling product the Two Minute Miracle Gel. This product sold over $100 million dollars over the past 9 years on TV and now those wanting to have access to it can find it through independent distributors. 

For more info... Fill out the contact information and Nanci will give you a call or can email you.  
Nanci Jo Frazer
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